30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is one of those words that get tossed around like parade candy during the holiday season. But there’s really something to it. Did you know gratitude is a mental coping strategy that can help with grief, anxiety, and depression? Since entrepreneurs and business owners are especially susceptible to these challenges, one of my favorite […]

Your social media sucks. Here’s 3 ways to quickly improve

Can I be blunt? Your social media sucks. I watch your Instagram channel, your Facebook feed, and your LinkedIn profile. I see you on Twitter. I even catch rare sightings of blog posts. And it’s so discouraging to me. Do you know why? Because you’re doing it wrong. Yes, I know there are a million right ways […]

Trust: How firing our financial planner changed the way I listen to my clients

We fired our financial planner. Let me rewind a minute… My husband and I met with a financial planner. We were finally comfortable enough to talk to someone about our financial future. It felt like a BIG deal. Seriously, a big deal. You see, I’m restructuring my relationship with money. To take this first step […]

How to write quick, easy, and effective YouTube descriptions

How to write quick, easy, and effective YouTube descriptions

YouTube descriptions are one of the underrated nuggets of the SEO world. If you’re creating YouTube videos, it’s easy to spend all your focus on lighting, sound, script, and overall content. After all, it’s a YouTube video. If you’re going to create high quality vide content, these things are a big deal. But what if […]

You Don’t Need A Website

You don’t need a website. I know what you’re thinking… Roxy, you build websites. Why are you telling me I don’t need one? Here’s the thing: I’ve built websites for over 10 years. I have watched businesses succeed, I’ve watched businesses fail, and the one thing that sets every one of them apart is a […]

The 8 Crucial Elements I Include in Every Brand Plan

Let’s chat about branding… Imagine for a minute a car lot. There are blue cars, silver cars, and red cars. How much will you pay for a red car? You can’t answer this, right? Because there’s SO much more to that car than just the color. What if I got a little more specific? What […]

13 Ways To Rock Your Social Media This Holiday Season (Number 2 Is Our Favorite)

Is your social media ready for the holiday season? Let me guess – you’re telling me “Yes, Rox, it’s totally ready” but in your head you’re panicking and wondering if you really are ready or if you’ve just lulled yourself into a false sense of security, knowing that come the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, when you’re […]

To the teacher who changed my life – Thank You.

Thank you teacher

Dear Teacher, You changed my life. You believed in me when I didn’t know if I should – or could – believe in myself. You took moments just for me. You ignored the rest of the world and saw me. Thank you. You dedicated your life to teaching, both in formal and informal capacities. Being a […]