What a halftime show taught me about storytelling

Storytelling is everywhere. And last week I learned an important lesson about storytelling during an NBA game. I was at a basketball game last week. Nosebleed seats, but it was still so much fun. The halftime entertainment is always interesting, so while many people tend to leave the arena for snacks during halftime, I stuck […]

How to write an about page bio

So, you need to write a bio for your about page? Maybe you’ve got a brand new website? Or maybe you’re just revising your site, and you know your bio needs a refresh. Whatever the reason, writing a bio can feel overwhelming. Writing a bio for a website is a great opportunity for you to […]

Words Matter – 3 tips to improve your social media captions

Does writing social media captions make you nervous? Stress you out? Give you big thrills? If you’re like most business owners, you know you need to have good copy, but you’re not quite sure what “good copy” actually means. This is especially important in social media. Have you ever perused Instagram and thought to yourself […]

What is digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

One of the questions I get from new business owners (or even experienced business owners who are ready to branch out) is “What is digital marketing?” It’s a great question, and a fair one too. Here’s the simplest explanation: Digital Marketing is any marketing that happens ONLINE or ON AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE. Email marketing? Yep. […]