My little love affair with Dubsado

I’m a solo entrepreneur. For years and years it’s been just me. I’ve pulled in help on occasion (and have recently hired an awesome VA – that’s a transition I’m still figuring out!) but really, Merket Creative is me, Roxanne. I love it. Of course I’m working on growing and increasing the impact my business […]

4 Steps to an Intentional Social Media Strategy

This week was the final session of IntAct Social. Over the last four weeks we’ve chatted about doing social media on purpose. It’s been so much fun, and I’m looking forward to watching improvement from those that participated. If you didn’t take the opportunity to participate, here’s a quick recap of what we learned over […]

Imposter Syndrome vs Grace

Business owners are hard on themselves. And that’s to be expected – we have high expectations and we always fall short, because there’s always one more thing we could have done. Motherhood is the same. We do one wrong thing – yell in frustration, don’t get the dishes done, or even just not shower – […]

Rudy Gobert and the Importance of Emotion

Rudy Gobert got snubbed. Jazz fans know it, but this isn’t a discussion on snubs. This is a discussion on the kind of men we need in our world. Rudy was visibly disappointed. He deserves to be. And he got emotional. This is fabulous. It’s vulnerable. Rudy showed us what he was truly feeling. He […]