How to write an about page bio

So, you need to write a bio for your about page?

Maybe you’ve got a brand new website? Or maybe you’re just revising your site, and you know your bio needs a refresh. Whatever the reason, writing a bio can feel overwhelming.

Writing a bio for a website is a great opportunity for you to explain who you are while also establishing yourself as the expert in your field.

An about page is actually not about you at all, but about your customers. It’s how you can help them solve their problem, whatever that problem may be!

Ready to write your bio? Follow this format:

The first section should include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Your Elevator Pitch
  • Your “Why”

In the second section, include:

  • Your accolades
  • Any relevant education

In the last section, include:

  • More of your personality
  • Who you are OUTSIDE of work (Do you make a mean batch of fudge? (I do!) Do you love to attend sporting events with your kids? Do you love to read romance novels to your dog? Let your readers know.)
  • One or two personal facts so your audience gets to know YOU

Finally, include a call to action.

Don’t miss an opportunity to call your readers to do something! Now that they understand more of who you are, take this opportunity to guide them to their next step. Does your website encourage people to work with you? Include the same CTA on your about page.

Make sure your bio matches your brand personality.

Be sure you write your bio in a way that is FOR your potential customers. So, for example, don’t say “I love to write books! It brings me such joy!” Instead, say something like “Writing is a way to share the love of music with children around the world.”

If your bio feels inconsistent with the rest of your brand, your customers may feel an uncomfortable sense of disconnect. If your bio is on brand, you bring a sense of consistency and trust to this important page on your site!

Want help writing your bio?

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