My little love affair with Dubsado

I’m a solo entrepreneur. For years and years it’s been just me. I’ve pulled in help on occasion (and have recently hired an awesome VA – that’s a transition I’m still figuring out!) but really, Merket Creative is me, Roxanne.

I love it. Of course I’m working on growing and increasing the impact my business has, but for now I’m in that part of my business where systems are critical. Once those get put in place, hello growth. And I anticipate that happening much sooner than later.

One of the key pieces of growth for me has been the discovery of Dubsado.

When I first got started in this business, I thought workflows and automation were for other businesses. Not mine. Not something as customizable as personalized websites and marketing strategy. There was NO WAY that I could figure that out.

But as time went on, I realized that, in fact, there were emails I wrote over and over again. There were questions that got asked over and over again. And onboarding was the same every.single.time.

So I tried other services. All my contracts are digitally signed, and I’ve gone through service after service trying to find something that worked for my brain.

And invoicing? Yeah… That was a nightmare. I love creating – I don’t love asking for money. I’ve gotten better over the years about understanding the importance of a fair exchange, and money is a real part of that. I also value what I do more than when I got started. But it took so much time to create custom invoices every time, email them with a PDF attachment, and then pray that a PayPal payment would miraculously show up in my inbox soon.

Dubsado changed everything.

My onboarding process is totally automated. My workflows are actually customizable. I’ve left room to customize where I need to, while still automating. And automating pieces of my very customized and creative work hasn’t devalued my services at all.

Actually, it’s increased the value of what I do.

It’s nice having your crap together. And my amazing clients know that. They trust that I can focus my efforts and attention on THEIR business because I’m not worried about the paperwork on my end.

It’s a great feeling.

Want my favorite Dubsado tip?

I mapped everything out in post it notes first. Then created each piece. Then generated the workflows.

Yes, it was a ton of setup.

And yes, it’s already paid off. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Want to try it? Here’s my affiliate link. (You’re savvy enough to know that using my link won’t cost you extra, it just gives me a little something for sharing the love. )

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