Project Highlight: Art Gallery Website

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It’s time to share a little love around here!


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Art galleries need great websites, too!

Today we’re thrilled to show you an art gallery website. Internet, meet Illume Gallery of Fine Art.

Illume is a national art gallery located in beautiful St. George, Utah. They just wrapped up a huge event hosting the Oil Painters of America Western Show, and it was wildly successful.

Illume had many changes happening all at once, and we had to get this site done FAST. With so much content and gorgeous artwork to show off, we had to figure out the best way to manage everything in a way that made sense from a user perspective, something that loaded fast, and something that didn’t lose out on quality.

Because fine art = high-quality images.

Nobody wants to see a low-resolution version of a nationally renowned painter’s work.

So we did it! We used WooCommerce as the base of the gallery, which gave us flexibility to display each piece of art in a way that matched the quality of the piece.

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One of our favorite pages on this site is the artist page. What started out as an alphabetical list became a glimpse into the stunning artwork that is the Illume gallery.

Each individual artist page is laid out similarly but customized for the artist. Even the top image is customized. We absolutely love this aspect of the site.

We had the privilege of working with project manager Kim throughout the process, and she was amazing. If you’re looking for a type A project manager who is professional and personable all in one, let us know. We’d love to connect you.

Copywriter Katie from Pretty Scripted also worked on this project, and we love how she captured the grandeur and elegance of the gallery in a way that was welcoming and warm.

Looking for an art gallery website? We’d love to bring a modern touch to your fine art. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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